Hi, I'm Shan...

As a life-long creative, with over fifteen years in the professional music industry, I've had many experiences, such as composing original music for my 19-member progressive jazz orchestra, playing saxophone in various settings, and teaching music lessons to students of diverse ages and backgrounds.

Along with music, I've always had a fascination with design and technology. As a young child, I was constantly drawing and writing to make sense of the world around me. As a teen, I worked summers in my uncle's construction office and would often study and obsess over house plans that the architects would send. I also had a friend who's dad had a computer business. Often, after school, I would often find myself in a garage helping them build PCs. More recently I've found myself creating websites for my various music projects and trying to decipher code from websites that I found interesting, useful or visually pleasing.

My passion for UX Design stems from my fascination with problem-solving, psychology, communication, emotions, and energy. One aspect that I love about being both a designer and a composer is the opportunity to emerge others into the flow of experience. I enjoy the process and challenge of bridging the connections between one’s internal and external world, and always strive to achieve such in anything that I create.

I am also very passionate about human rights, animal rights, and social justice. With the strong belief that design and technology can be leveraged to benefit humanity, I am constantly brainstorming ideas for platforms that have the potential to better society.

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